Invoice Scanning Solution: AP Processing for Honda Logistics

Invoice processing solution with OCR

Automated Invoice Data Extraction with Smart Capture

I thought I would share out a great AP Invoice Processing solution case study with Honda Logistics.  HL operates 9 separate entities that support Honda Manufacturing, and their invoice processing is quite complex.  Honda Logistics processes 120,000 invoices per year, which were all previously handled manually by a team of people, requiring lots of time and data entry into their JD Edwards system. They knew there was a better and faster way to process invoices, so they began researching invoice automation at
industry conferences.

“The solution has freed up our time by transforming data entry roles into more managerial roles. We can now quickly answer vendor questions, track invoices and monitor cashflow.”

~Brad Gerritsen, Accounts Payable Coordinator

Read the entire case study here:  AP Invoice Processing Solution for Honda Logistics

You can also read about Ephesoft’s AP Invoice Technology here:  Ephesoft Accounts Payable Invoice Scanning and Capture

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