OCR Server Images

OCR Server for Processing Images/PDFs to Text

An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Server is used for organizations to centrally process and convert PDFs and images to searchable text.  The OCR Server function is usually part of a Document Capture Software suite, and the OCR result is leveraged for data extraction and document analytics.  Advanced OCR services can usually be clustered and expandable to support high volumes.  Here are the typical characteristics of an OCR Server:

  • Can run on premise or in the cloud
  • Documents can be uploaded via hot folder, email, web upload, mobile and through CM interfaces
  • Output is typically a searchable PDF or a text file
  • OCR Servers usually have web services for custom OCR applications
  • Have integrations with other content management systems for output
  • Can perform OCR in bulk, or do granular extraction
  • SharePoint OCR is one example of a use case to make a content repository searchable

More and more organizations are using Cloud OCR services to perform the conversion process.