Healthcare + Mobile Capture: Ephesoft and SAP

iPhone Healthcare Capture Solution for Healthcare

Improving Patient Records with an iPhone

I just finished an amazing week at Ephesoft Innovate ’16, and our team put on an amazing show.  I will be posting some great content from the show in the coming weeks.  One theme really stood out:  We are seeing our platform being used as an “ERP enabler” for unique and powerful solutions that provide automation, efficiency and process improvement.  This ties into our core mantra that Capture as a Platform (CaaP) can provide a new dimension, or layer of automation in organizations that is non-invasive.

This particular session was presented by our European Team, who worked hand-in-hand with Fresenius Netcare on a healthcare solution, and focused on the use of a custom-built application using our Transact Mobile SDK.  Here is the use case:

Patient safety and record keeping is paramount in any healthcare environment.  But there are still manual processes that take place on a day-to-day basis.  Take for example, the administration of medication to patients.  The nurse will typically do a manual check of the patient wrist ID, and then bounce that information off either a physical order (paper) from the doctor, or a screen in the EMR system.  Errors can be made through either the reading of information, or the entry in the system.  In steps the Ephesoft solution.  Using a mobile device, the nurse can now snap a picture of the medication bar codes, and they can automatically be interpreted, and entered  into a form on the mobile device.  A prompt can then be presented to snap a photo of the patient wristband bar code.  Patient information is read, and a lookup can be performed to make sure the medication is for that specific patient, and a new record created within the system for the date and time of administration, in this case, SAP.  See the demo video below for a quick overview:

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