Be an AP Hero: Benefits of Smart Capture

Invoice Scanning and OCR

Invoice Scanning Software for Data Capture

Ephesoft just released some great content on invoice/AP automation using Smart Capture.  Invoice scanning and processing can be a major pain, and impact any organization in a wide variety of ways.  With  Smart Capture, processing speed is increased, efficiency is improved, and a number of benefits  create a positive impact.

Capturing invoice scanning data

For more info, you can access the following assets:

Hero’s Guide to Overcoming AP Chaos (Infographic)

Adding Value to AP Through SmartCapture


Invoice Scanning Solution: AP Processing for Honda Logistics

Invoice processing solution with OCR

Automated Invoice Data Extraction with Smart Capture

I thought I would share out a great AP Invoice Processing solution case study with Honda Logistics.  HL operates 9 separate entities that support Honda Manufacturing, and their invoice processing is quite complex.  Honda Logistics processes 120,000 invoices per year, which were all previously handled manually by a team of people, requiring lots of time and data entry into their JD Edwards system. They knew there was a better and faster way to process invoices, so they began researching invoice automation at
industry conferences.

“The solution has freed up our time by transforming data entry roles into more managerial roles. We can now quickly answer vendor questions, track invoices and monitor cashflow.”

~Brad Gerritsen, Accounts Payable Coordinator

Read the entire case study here:  AP Invoice Processing Solution for Honda Logistics

You can also read about Ephesoft’s AP Invoice Technology here:  Ephesoft Accounts Payable Invoice Scanning and Capture

AP Invoice Processing ROI & Value

Invoice Capture and OCR

Scanning and Capturing Invoices: Justifying AP Solution Costs

We had a great webinar this past week, all about using the efficiency and automation in Ephesoft to drive reduction in errors, and cost savings.   This rings especially true in the complex, unstructured world of invoice scanning and capture as it relates to software.  See the webinar below:



Invoice Scanning and Capture Software

Invoice Scanning Software

Using OCR Invoice Scanning Software

There are typically 3 types of invoice scanning software solutions that companies implement.  If you need a quick primer before you read on, see our terminology page here: Invoice Scanning Software.   Below are the 3 types of solutions:

  1.  Scan Invoices and Extract the Vendor and Total with OCR – As a baby-step solution, many Accounts Payable departments look to start with a minimal impact solution to add some level of automation and efficiency.  They scan their invoices with a copier or scanner, and pass it through an application like Ephesoft Transact for AP Invoices.   Users can either point and click in the interface to populate fields, manually type in information, use ERP or Accounting system lookups for their vendors, and output their scanned invoices to structured folders, an accounting Microsoft SharePoint Library, or another content management system like Alfresco.
  2. Capture All Invoice Header Information – the next step is usually to capture (with document analytics + OCR), all the scanned invoice header information.  Here is the typical information:
    1.  Invoice Number
    2. Invoice Date
    3. Invoice Vendor Name
    4. Invoice Total

This information can be extracted automatically through data extraction, and modern solutions use an analytics algorithm to improve accuracy and reduce end-user interaction with the invoice scanning process.   Once again, all accounts payable invoice information is sent to an end resting place, and typically in this level of solution, the information is sent to an accounting system automatically.

3.  Scan to Capture Invoice Header and Line Item Data – Top tier invoice scanning applications provide the ability to extract all the information on the invoice automatically.  They do all of the above, and also provide line item/table extraction of invoice data.  This extracted information can be used to compare the invoice to the purchase order, and provide line item matching capability.  In addition, all OCR invoice data can be routed to an ERP or accounting system for update.

There are tools, like Ephesoft Transact, that can provide all 3 invoice scanning solutions without the need to add additional modules or components.