AP Invoice Processing Statistics

I have been working on some document capture  training for one of our larger partners, and our Product Marketing Manager built out this great Accounts Payable/Invoice Processing stat slide (Thanks Thierry!).  I thought I would share.

AP Invoice Processing & Automation
Manual Invoice Processing is So Costly!

Capture and Paperless Stats: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Document capture and paperless office

Document Capture, The Paperless Office and Digital Transformation

I have been working on some new presentations, and digging up some statistics on document capture and the paperless office.  One of the reports I have been reading is the AIIM Paper Free Progress report where they interviewed organizations and asked them some key questions.   Here are some great ones I wanted to share:

  • 55% of organizations report that paper flowing through their processes is decreasing including 12% rapidly decreasing
  • Only 17% of respondents work in what could be described as a paper-free office
  • 41% are using OCR in some form. 23% are capturing process data including 9% using intelligent/adaptive workflows.
  • 40% of organizations report that more than half of their invoices are now delivered electronically -but 35% agree that most get printed anyway.
  • 26% scan in advance of the process, including 7% using a digital mailroom and 11% with multichannel capture.
  • 40% admit that they deal with multi-channel content in an ad hoc way. 35% are likely to print electronic inbound and process as paper.
  • In 40% of organizations, line of business heads and departmental managers are deemed responsible for “radical process review”.
  • 36% have no access to workflow capability, plus 13% who have it but don’t use it.
  • 24% are not looking at any mobile capture projects and 39% are still in the planning stage.
  • 11% are already using cloud products for capture, and 17% have plans in the next 12-18 months.
  • 57% say they are committed to digital transformation, and paper-free is an essential starting point.

You can download the full report here:  AIIM Paper Free Progress