OCR Server Images

OCR Server

OCR Server for Processing Images/PDFs to Text An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Server is used for organizations to centrally process and convert PDFs and images to searchable text.  The OCR Server function is usually part of a Document Capture Software suite, and the OCR result is leveraged for data extraction and document analytics.  Advanced OCR…

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OCR API and Web Services An OCR API is Optical Character Recognition the is provided as a application programming interface or a web service to provide OCR functions to developers and applications.  An example can be found here: Ephesoft Web Services and API.  The OCR API typically provides a broad set of functionality, including: PDF…

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Mobile API and OCR

Mobile OCR

Mobile OCR, SDK and API With the focus on mobile applications, there is now high demand for Mobile OCR/SDK/API functionality to enable phones and tablets to recognize text from images.  Optical Character Recognition on the mobile device can take two forms: On Mobile Device OCR – in this form, OCR is performed on the mobile…

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Capturing data from invoices

Invoice Scanning Software

      AP Automation and Invoice Processing Invoice scanning software provides a way to scan in paper invoices, extract both the invoice header information as well as the line item data.  The extracted data can then be passed to an ERP or Accounting System for processing and AP Automation Workflow.  Advanced document capture software…

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SharePoint OCR and Conversion

SharePoint OCR

SharePoint Library OCR SharePoint OCR (Optical Character Recognition) provides the ability to create searchable PDF documents in SharePoint libraries that can be crawled and indexed for full text search.  This usually requires an OCR Server for processing, as well as an OAuth integration to authenticate.  Enhanced engines, like Ephesoft, also can extract data and classify…

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Scan to SharePoint

SharePoint Scanning

SharePoint Document Scanning/Scan to SharePoint Scan to SharePoint applications have become popular as the content management system is being used more and more for corporate document management functions.  Using scanners with SharePoint facilitates document-centric workflows, and provides searchable PDF files through SharePoint OCR.  Applications like Ephesoft Transact can facilitate the scan to SharePoint features required…

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Capturing data from invoices

Invoice Data Capture Software

Capturing Data from Invoices Invoice data capture software provides a method to process invoices and extract all the associated data.  These solutions typically use invoice OCR to extract information from scanned  invoices and extract the data through pattern matching or a machine learning algorithm.  Ephesoft Transact is an example of this type of software.  You…

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